Unify your contact center and CRM

Contacto quickly and seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Lightning using a secure API connection. Unify your customer service with continuous context, time-saving automations, and a single-pane agent workspace to manage customer conversations.


Contacto and Salesforce: Keep Customers Happy & Salesforce Updated in One place



Leverage Salesforce as your CRM and system of record with Contacto as the customer service single-page workspace. Make agents more efficient by reducing system hopping and keeping customer data in sync with Contacto’s prebuilt Salesforce connector.


With an intuitive single sign-on OAuth connection, Contacto + Salesforce ServiceCloud or SalesCloud will evolve your business from a hodge-podge of systems to a solid, scalable back office architecture.


Customer obsession is the differentiator. To efficiently meet demand and execute exceptional service, you’ll need best-in-class tools. Empower your agents to focus on the customer rather than system hoops and hurdles.

Scenario 1: New Customer

To demonstrate what happens in Salesforce when an inquiry (aka conversation) is first received in Contacto we’ll use this example: An inbound phone call is the first encounter with a customer and the agent chooses to create a new Contact. As a result, a new Contact, a new Case, and a new Task tied to that Case, is generated in Salesforce. The call notes, chat, or WhatsApp thread in Contacto is appended to the Task Comments. See scenario #2 for details on what happens for an existing customer conversation.

Scenario 2: Existing Customer

When an existing customer reaches out, Contacto will present to the agent an opportunity to associate that conversation with an existing Case or create a new Case in Salesforce. For example: a customer may have called previously about a billing issue and may now be chatting about a damaged product. This would create a separate Case under that Contact and any further conversations about that damaged product would be appended to the Task Comments under that “damaged product” Case.