Deliver a Modern Customer Service Experience

All the features you need, built-in natively with a 360° view of the customer, to deliver a customer service experience with a human touch.

Omnichannel Customer Journey

Create customer journeys with drag-and-drop flexibility across channels and deploy automation to handle repetitive questions without weighing down agent productivity.

Contacto's Drag and drop workflow builder
Voice, chat and messaging

Meet customers live on whatever channels they prefer, with fully-featured voice and messaging capabilities and native web and in-app chat.

Channel switching

Switch channels seamlessly in the middle of a conversation, without rerouting the customer or creating a new ticket.

Visual workflows

Design and deploy custom workflows and omnichannel conversation routing with a built-in component library and automatic call distribution.

AI optimized IVRs

Deploy multi-level, voice-enabled IVRs that pull customer data (e.g., past orders, delivery status) so customers can quickly self serve.

Conversational chatbots

Conversational, AI-powered virtual agents help resolve customer self-serve queries 24/7/365 and reduce agent workload.

Unified Agent Desktop

Build relationships with your customers and drive loyalty by keeping the conversation going. With every conversation, agents have at-a-glance access to past customer support conversations, fueling a more human experience and faster time to resolution.

Contacto's unified agent desktop with past customer support conversations
360-degree customer view

See relevant customer details at a glance without leaving Contacto, thanks to two-way integrations with CRMs and order management systems.

Conversation timeline

View all customer interactions across all channels in one chronological timeline — creating a seamless but flexible service experience.

Concurrent conversations

Increase contact center efficiency by empowering agents to handle multiple customer issues at the same time.

Customer sentiment

Agents can see customer sentiment in real-time during conversations, helping them course-correct if needed.

Agent assist

Support agents with proactive answers and suggestions right inside Contacto, so they have faster access to the information they need.

Notes and disposition

Give other agents context into conversations with pinned notes and assigned dispositions to track performance and customer satisfaction.

Reporting & Analytics

Go from disparate data sources to data-driven insights that can drive process improvements across the business and improve customer satisfaction.

Contacto's Real time reporting and analytics dashboard
Customer feedback

Automate requests for feedback after issue resolution, and associate that data with customer conversations.

Customer sentiment

Track and contextualize customer sentiment over time for a real-time view of agent performance, at both the individual and team levels.

Pre-built reports

Essential metrics reports track relevant current and historical data, so you can identify trends over time.

Live activity dashboard

See real-time data on team activity and performance to shift resources and adjust as necessary.

Monitoring & Coaching

Set — then exceed — your KPIs with added transparency into individual and team performance, and create a culture of improvement.

Contacto's customizable agent monitoring and coaching dashboard
Customizable metrics

From customer satisfaction to agent productivity, measure what matters most — and get full transparency into current and historical data.

Call recording

Refer back to agent calls for individual or team coaching purposes, or use calls to onboard and train agents and share best practices.

Call whispering

An agent having trouble on the phone? Listen in on the call and provide guidance that only the agent can hear.

Coaching and feedback

Assess agent performance through call scoring and transcripts, and provide feedback tailored to each rep and interaction.

Give your customer service a human touch

Give your team the tools you need to increase productivity for your modern support team.
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